HØJ is a cannabis accessories company that fuses elevated design with superior functionality. HØJ ships grinders, pipes, and more right to the door of customers across North America and Europe.
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The Challenge

HØJ was already actively social media marketing, but was dealing with major fluctuations in the amount of traffic they we're seeing to their site. They knew that building a marketing strategy on virality, wasn't a sustainable growth strategy. Furthermore, HØJ wanted to see higher-conversion rates, but most of the traffic coming from social was composed of viewer's who weren't interested in making a purchase.

The Solution

Contact Studios worked to create a SEO content strategy based on keywords that would target searchers showcasing a high-intent to buy. Contact Studios began producing 30 search-optimized articles per month, editing, imaging and uploading them to HØJ's website. Contact's SEO specialists also worked to fix structural and technical issues and make enhancements to HØJ's site to improve its ability to rank.  

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The Results

Contact defined HØJ's SEO strategy and executed its implementation helping them massively increase their organic traffic, building a predictable growth-engine. As of this year, HØJ has 1.3M+ clicks from Google search results , 800+ #1 rankings, 550,000+ monthly pageviews, 125,000 unique visitors per month and 1,700+ top 3 rankings.

Our Work

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"The best part of working with Contact is that they produce the results we want without too much effort from our own side. It's totally hands-off. We got to sit back and watch content go live on our website like clockwork and generate traffic like crazy. Our shop went from 30k visitors per month to 150k visitors. The communication is always on point, and you never get handed off to Juniors — you're always working directly with the masterminds behind the operation. Very highly recommended!"

Simon Folmann