Herb is the go-to destination for product discovery, videos, strains, education, culture and community for cannabis enthusiasts around the globe.
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The Challenge

The cannabis market has become extremely competitive. As a leading media platform for cannabis advertisers, Herb sought to increase the effectiveness of their content marketing in order to own highly valuable keywords at various stages of the customer journey. Herb had a ton of existing content that wasn't properly optimized for driving sales, and needed new content created to capture searches they weren't currently ranking for. They're goal was to increase affiliate revenue and provide more value to their advertising partners.

The Solution

To help Herb reach their goals, Contact integrated SEO and content production to help increase Herb's discoverability. Contact Studios used on-page and technical SEO to optimize Herb's website and began producing outlines for keywords targeting valuable search terms at various stages of the customer journey. Contact then created articles and original photos at scale using a holistic approach to create assets that were educational, aesthetic and transactional.

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The Results

Contact defined Herb’s SEO strategy helping them recover from an SEO penalty with flying colors and significantly scale their affiliate revenue at a growth rate of 15-30% MoM. As of this year, Herb has 8500+ top 10 rankings, 2300+ top 3 rankings, 670+ 1st position rankings and 180+  1st positions rankings with featured snippet.

Our Work

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Contact made it simple for Herb to get great SEO and video content created fast. The fact that you have a dedicated project manager and creative team means you can easily scale knowing that the production process is rock solid and that they know your brand like the back of their hand.

Matt Gray, CEO