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Botany Farms is a producer of craft-quality hemp products for consumers who prefer to enjoy the benefits of cannabis while remaining clear-headed and present. Botany Farms ships premium CBD and CBG flower right to your door.
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The Challenge

Botany Farms knew the importance of investing in SEO and cultivating an audience that they could own. As an e-commerce company in the hemp industry, many paid media channels are currently unavailable. Botany Farms wanted to build a loyal customer base of hemp enthusiasts.

The Solution

Contact Studios located opportunities for technical-SEO website optimization and strategic content creation. Since hemp is a nascent industry, Contact capitalized on niche-specific educational terms, local queries and transactional terms that were most likely to convert. Contact conducted an in-depth SEO audit to diagnose errors and unearth optimization opportunities. Next, we Identified and executed on-page optimizations to increase ranking ability and implemented technical-SEO to optimize indexation. Finally, we created a blog content strategy, generated a list of keyword opportunities. and produced and uploaded hundreds of outlines and blog posts.

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The Results

After signing with Contact Studios in 2021, Botany Farms has published a minimum of 30 articles per month and now has over 150 first position SERP rankings. That increased discoverability has increased traffic to 111,000 unique visitor per month. Botany Farms was especially satisfied that Contact handled all the SEO and Content production enabling them to focus on developing new product lines, customer service and optimizing their supply chain. In 2022, Botany Farms upgraded to a premium plan.

Our Work

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Contact helped Botany Farms scale our content marketing from the ground up. Now search is our biggest ROI marketing channel by far. Their service allowed us to skyrocket the production of content without needing to hire a bunch of internal team members. Contact made scaling content easy.

Dylan Glines, President
Botany Farms