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What's Inside

Learn to make video ads that sell like crazy.

Most marketers think that what’s stopping their videos from driving results is some all-knowing algorithm or secret distribution hack. Forget the conspiracy theories. The truth is your video ads suck. To stop the madness, we’re offering a free guidebook that will show you how to guarantee your videos ads drive traffic, make sales and keep customers coming back for more.
How To Make a Winning Video Strategy & Ad Funnel
How To Write Alarmingly Effective Video Ad Scripts
How To Create An Air-Tight Director's Treatment
How To Manage Pre-Production Logistics For a Flawless Production
How To Shoot World-Class Video Whether You Can Afford A Cellphone or An Alexa
How To Edit Hyper-Engaging Ads That Hold Viewer's Attention Hostage
How To Iterate On Ads To Win Bigger More Often
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What You Get

Get templates and strategies used by world-class marketers.

Level up your marketing game in 30 mins or less.

Exclusive Interview

Get access to an exclusive interview with a top Supervising Producer from Shopify.

7 Templates

  • Video ad funnel template
  • High-converting video ad script template
  • Director’s treatment template
  • Video production budget template
  • Production schedule template
  • Post- production schedule template
  • Video production legal kit

25 Page Guide

Get a knowledge-packed guidebook collecting the strategies and tactics of the most successful video advertisers. This guidebook breaks down the entire process from end-to-end.
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