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Have you ever wondered how people make money from simple blog articles?

The secret most writers don’t tell you: it has less to do with the writing itself. If you want to generate passive income from your writing, it all starts with Keyword Research.

In just 60 minutes you will learn the exact keyword research strategy that we’ve used to generate $5m+ for our clients.

You can use this to:
- Sell your own products
- Sell your own services
- Sell content writing services to other brands
- Create blogs that you monetize through AdSense
- Create blogs that you monetize through affiliate marketing
- Drive traffic to your website.

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Contact Studios are easily within the top 1% of SEO talent out there, with an impressive breadth of specialized knowledge, experience, and skill in this space. Best of all, the communication is quick and easy at all times, and we were always dealing directly with the experts (which can be hard to find in a world in which it’s common to be quickly passed off to Jrs. and Account Managers). This team is going places!

Mark Doble

The Contact Studios team have taken our company to lengths using SEO that I could not have dreamed of. Contact helped Botany Farms scale our content marketing from the ground up. Now search is our biggest ROI marketing channel by far. Their service allowed us to skyrocket the production of content without needing to hire a bunch of internal team members. Contact made scaling content easy.

Dylan Glines,
founder & CEO
Botany Farms

The best part of working with Contact is that they produce the results we want without too much effort from our own side. It's totally hands-off. We got to sit back and watch content go live on our website like clockwork and generate traffic like crazy. Our shop went from 30k visitors per month to 150k visitors. The communication is always on point, and you never get handed off to Juniors — you're always working directly with the masterminds behind the operation. Very highly recommended!

Simon Folmann

Contact made it simple for Herb to get great SEO and video content created fast. The fact that you have a dedicated project manager and creative team means you can easily scale knowing that the production process is rock solid and that they know your brand like the back of their hand.

Matt Gray

We could not be happier with the team at Contact. From their level of transparency to the positive results they delivered, each member of the team has been so personable and a joy to work with. We appreciate how communicative and available they made themselves around our needs—and that they drove a big increase in traffic to our site. Highly recommend and look forward to working with them more in the future.

KAyLA Noriega,
Chief of Staff
Miss Grass

Always tough to find SEO partners that can deliver across strategic SEO and content. Have loved working with the Contact Studios team whether it’s collaborating on technical projects like migrations or mapping out SEO-forward content that drives our clients growth. Definitely recommend them if you’re looking for an SEO partner or a content shop that actually knows SEO! After more than a decade in the marketing world, I can tell you that you’re in great hands with the Contact Studios team!

Ben DankIw

The team at Contact Studios is as savvy and creative as they come when it comes to content creation and SEO. They not only can build out and execute on marketing strategies, but have a deep understanding and care for storytelling—something that’s essential to grow an engaged following. I couldn’t recommend them more

Shelby Hartman,