Running ads shouldn't feel like gambling your marketing budget.

Most brands think that what’s stopping their ads from being profitable is some all-knowing algorithm or secret media-buying hack. And with the slow death of third-party cookies most agencies would prefer to keep you believing these conspiracy theories. Your confusion adds to their mystique. These "experts" don't want you to know what is really stopping your ads from grabbing attention and getting conversions. The truth is your ad copy and creatives suck. Or worse— you're not even running ads at all.

Most agencies are using outdated techniques that cause ads to fail right out of the gate. They make the lethal mistake of running ads that are obviously ads ensuring people scroll by them as you burn cash. The future of ads is a creative-first approach. The best performing ads feel like content. But most agencies have no idea how to write copy that inspires action or produce videos that trap attention.

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How high-performing teams run profitable ads effortlessly.

You're smart enough to know that if you're not running ads, you're literally giving away customers to competitors. You already know that running ads on social and YouTube is by far the fastest, most scalable and most effective way to reach cold audiences and nurture them into becoming leads and customers.

What you don't know is how you can regularly produce ads that are consistently profitable.

Contact Studios makes it easy to publish Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube ads that  explode sales and make your brand unforgettable.
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Frequently Asked

Are Social and YouTube ads actually effective?

Anyone who says Facebook, Tik Tok or YouTube ads don't work has either run poorly-made ads that we're destined to fail, or worked with a substandard marketer. With proper strategy and execution, Social and YouTube ads are the greatest customer acquisition and lead generation tool known to mankind. There is no other marketing method that is faster or more scalable.

How much do Social and YouTube ads cost?

The cost of advertising is different for every business. if someone tries to sell you a one-size-fits-all package, that should be an immediate red flag. The necessary investment depends on a variety factors:

1. How big your market? There is a big difference in cost between reaching 5000 people and reaching 5 million people.

2. What types of creatives or video ads will work best for your brand and target customer? On-camera talent, location and the complexity of the shoot all effect the cost to execute.

3. What are your business goals? Getting 10 sales per day or 100 sales per day require different levels of investment.

4. How competitive is your market? Highly competitive markets and nominally competitive markets require different resources.

At Contact Studios, we personalize our approach to every client, gathering data on your customers and industry. Our tailored, battle-tested approach is what makes our clients satisfied with their ROI.

Why are video ads more effective than static ads?

Video is the most-consumed medium on the Internet and is the lifeblood of the most popular digital platforms in existence. When you look at the stats, it's pretty wild. Video has a 96% higher click-through-rate than static ads. Viewers remember 95% of the message of video, compared to just 10% when that same message is text-based. Videos are shared 1200% more than text or links combined.

It's clear that video should be a cornerstone of every advertising campaign. At Contact Studios, we also capture still images on shoot day so that they can be leveraged for conversion-based retargeting ads.

What makes a great ad?

Creating a great ad comes down to several things:

Copywriting: The words and messages that inspire a person to act.

Creatives: The videos and images that make people stop and pay attention.

Context: The platform-specific strategy that makes ads not feel like ads.

Funnel: The strategic campaign structure that delivers your target audience with the right message at the right moment.

Audience Targeting: The ability to serve ads to the right groups of people.

Social Proof: The testimonials, reviews, or media mentions that increase your brand's trustworthiness.

Offer: The value you offer a person that makes them feel stupid not taking action right now.

Conversion Rate: The percentage of people that take action after clicking on an ad.

How will Contact Studios integrate with your team?

You will have a dedicated producer to ensure you’re constantly updated on your project, including weekly progress reports to share with your team. You will also be onboarded to our collaborative Slack channel, where members of our team are always available.

Why is Contact Studios a better choice than hiring in-house?

If you wanted to get the same value Contact Studios drives, you'd need to hire a team of high-salary specialists like creative directors, copywriters, videographers editors, photographers, producers and media buyers. You'd also need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into equipment, software and a studio to shoot in. Obviously, this isn't feasible so most companies that hire in-house bring on just one person with a limited skill set. Is it any wonder that the results are watered down?

With Contact Studios, for the same price as hiring a single employee, you get a diverse team of top talent making your ads. No waiting for painfully long-hiring processes. Simply put, Contact Studios makes creating and running ads fast, cost-effective and simple.

Why is Contact Studios a better choice than other agencies or production companies?

Many marketing agencies deal mainly in media-buying. Sure they can set up a campaign, but they can't write a sentence that stops scrolling thumbs or film a video that doesn't look like it was shot on a potato.

Many creative agencies deal mainly in strategy. They'll spend your money coming up with a handful of useable ideas that they don't know how to execute. Then they'll outsource production to subcontractors and cross their fingers that they deliver.

Many production companies deal mainly in the technical aspects of video. Sure they can run a camera, but they have no idea how to make a profitable ad.

Contact Studios is a new kind of advertising agency built by marketers for marketers. We're a super team of specialists with complimentary skillsets . Imagine the Avengers was stacked with creatives, producers and media-buyers instead of super heroes.

Our strategies and tactics are battle-tested and backed by hard data. We're so confident in our ability to improve your ads performance, if your ads aren't profitable, you don't pay.

Do social ads and YouTube ads work for every business?

Social and YouTube ads work great for businesses that have products with a moderate to high lifetime value (LTV) or high average revenue per user. Businesses that have short sales cycles, serve large markets, have simple value propositions and have visually-appealing products or services are most likely to benefit from Social and YouTube ads.

Start-ups that have yet to achieve product-market fit or businesses that have a low-value products probably aren't a good fit for ads.

What do I need to get started?

Getting started is as easy as booking a free, no-obligation strategy call. Following a free strategy call, there will be an onboarding meeting where our team will integrate with your team, and gain access to your brand assets. Then we'll work to creating a steady-stream of high-converting ads.

Get started

Getting started is as simple as booking a free, no-obligation content audit.

Book a free, no-obligation strategy call, where we learn about your business, audit your ads and identify growth opportunities.
Next, we'll build you a curated team of producers, creatives and audience-builders to suit your brand.
Finally, we take care of onboarding your team to our easy to use system and start creating and publishing profitable ads like clockwork.
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