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Content is the reason people use the Internet in the first place.

Today, brands are expected to deliver high volumes of quality content, but most marketing teams struggle to keep up.

For over a decade, our founders have been working in media, leading content teams, creating high-converting content strategies, and building production processes that scale.

Contact Studios began when our founders noticed that the divide between media and marketing was evaporating.

Every brand was being forced to act like a media company or be left behind.

The old marketing frameworks were no longer working.

This era of TV is over, and audiences are no longer captive. They don't need to endure ads to get to their favorite show. People can scroll past ads in a fraction of a second.

Third-party tracking is slowly dying. The era of profiting on privacy invasion is over. People don't want brands stalking them with cookies and pixels. The result? Paid advertising costs are through the roof.

The only way forward is by giving people what they actually want— content that is genuinely entertaining and valuable.

The future of marketing is content-led and audience-driven.

The ability to build an audience organically will be the defining trait of the next generation of 100-year brands.

Our mission is to help brands tell better stories and build audiences faster by making content production simple.

Our Guiding Principles

1. We replace the word “algorithm” with the word audience.

We make content for people. We understand that algorithms have no agenda but acquiring attention and engagement. Giving people great content is a strategy that always wins regardless of the platform, year, or trend.

2. How we say something is just as important as what we say.

We recognize that storytelling is about revealing information in novel ways and delivering an emotional payoff. We are committed to giving the audience the best experience possible.

3. We deliver on promises we make to the audience.

We recognize that the world doesn’t need more content, but needs better content. We are committed to giving the audience genuine value and scaling content responsibly.

4. We are systems-thinkers.

We recognize that creative collaboration and iteration is at the heart of what we do. We think holistically and design systems to unlock the highest-performance possible.

The sharpest minds in content— at your fingertips.

Contact is a team of top-tier creatives and audience-builders based around the world.
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Rob Hoffman, CEO/Cofounder

Over the last decade, I’ve helped build two media companies to 2 million+ monthly visitors, a digital community of 14 million people, two 7-figure companies, teams of 50 people, and generated more than $10 million dollars for my clients. I'm also a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Council. My thoughts and words have been featured in Forbes and Inc.

I work remotely from my adoptive city of Medellín, Colombia. When I’m not helping our clients to build their own profitable audiences, you can find me leading community projects in my city, riding my motorcycle around the mountains, or learning new skills like Salsa dancing and kickboxing.

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Tyler Fyfe, Executive Creative Director/ Cofounder

As Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director, I lead Contact's video and writing departments. I've spent the last decade leading content teams and creating content that has been viewed by over 100 million people.

Recently, I grew this YouTube channel from 0 to 17,984,620 views in 30 days.

I also helped grow Shopify's YouTube channel, Learn With Shopify, to 252,000 subscribers. So far those videos have generated tens of thousands of leads.

Previous to co-founding Contact Studios, I was Head of Content at Herb. At Herb, I oversaw a team of ten, directing content strategy and production to an audience of 14 million people. I was also the series creator of Herb's most viewed original video series and shot/directed several mini-documentaries.

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