SEO Bookmarklets for Busy Marketers (and How to Create Your Own)

Jake Ward

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SEO Bookmarklets example

On average, marketers are using more than 12 different tools to manage their company’s campaigns and data, some are using more than 31. That’s a lot of tools to navigate over the course of a working day.

But what if we can navigate these tools more efficiently? And, what if we can perform specific tasks in these tools with a click of a button from your browser?

Well, bookmarklets help you do just that. In this article, I’ll cover what a bookmarklet is, how you can create them, and the best bookmarklets for SEO.

What is a bookmarklet?

Bookmarklets are similar to the normal bookmarks you have in your browser, but instead of bookmarking a URL, you bookmark short snippets of JavaScript code that act as 'buttons' in your Chrome bookmarks bar.

Here's an example:


This code opens the website you’re on in Ahrefs Site Explorer with one click.

Pretty useful, right?

How to save bookmarklets

Saving bookmarklets is easy. Here’s how:

  1. From my list of SEO bookmarklets below, find the title of the bookmarklet you wish to save in this Google Sheet (no download required).
  2. Right click on your bookmark bar and add a page.
  3. Name your bookmark and copy and paste the javascript code.
  4. That’s it. You're ready to go.

Click here to access all the SEO bookmarklets.

How to create your own bookmarklet

Before we get into the list of SEO bookmarklets, I first want to show you how you can adapt existing bookmarklets and create your own.

We’ll use the previous example. Let’s say we want to create a bookmarklet that opens the website you’re on, but in SimilarWeb, instead of Ahrefs.

We want to change the URL slug within the code from:


To the SimilarWeb URL slug when a website is searched in their platform:'';

The best bookmarklets for SEO

Here is a list of useful bookmarklets I’ve collated over the years. Some I use to perform daily SEO tasks, some I only use every so often, and others I think are cool and deserve to be shared.

I've separated the bookmarklets into three categories:

  • On-site SEO bookmarklets
  • SEO analysis bookmarklets
  • Miscellaneous bookmarklets

But first, I want to credit Glen Allsopp at Detailed for creating most of my favourite bookmarklets I'm including below. Check out his blog post for more even advanced bookmarklets.

On-site SEO bookmarklets

Domain Index Status

Domain Index Status Google Search Operator

This SEO bookmarklet displays the number of pages indexed by Google for that specific domain. It’s a basic search operator, but an important one nonetheless. It’s a good check to do to see if your pages are indexing properly or finding those unusual pages and potential issues.

URL Index Status

URL Index Status Google Search Operator

Similar to the version above, but this only displays the index status of one particular page or all pages within a category.

Past Week Index Status

Past Week Index Status Google Search Operator

You guessed it, this displays all pages indexed by Google within the past week. Using the drop-down menu, this can also be filtered by past hour, past 24 hours, past month, past year and a custom date range if you really want to get specific.

Common Index Issues

Multi Query Index Status Google Search Operator

Finds pages indexed by Google that maybe shouldn't be.

This includes:

  • Demo pages or subdomains
  • Duplicate homepages
  • Pages with Lorem Ipsum text
  • Test pages
  • Duplicated pages with '2' in the URL
  • Screenshots
  • Sample pages
  • Landing pages for paid advertising

You can obviously remove and add queries as you please for your specific website, but the above is generally a good start.

-In Title

-intitle Google Search Operator

I wanted to get this one in for two reasons:

  1. It allows you to quickly find pages with without a specific phrase (like a brand name, as per the above example).
  2. It's a very useful search operator to know when using SEO bookmarklets and filtering out pages you don't need to see (like in the previous bookmarklet).

Additionally, you can create a version without the minus as a shortcut to find pages WITH a specific word or phrase.

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum Checker Bookkmarklet

Finds pages with 'Lorem Ipsum' placeholder text. These pages normally occur when using WordPress themes and the company doesn't realise they exist.

HTTP Pages

HTTP Pages Google Search Operator

Identifies pages that are not secure, shouldn't be there, or in some cases, not connected to the main website.

Duplicate Content Check

Duplicate Content Check Google Search Operator and Bookmarklet

Identify all pages that are repeating the exact same content. To use, copy a sentence or paragraph > open the bookmarklet > paste the text > hit 'ok'.

Siteliner Test

Siteliner Test Bookmarklet

Find pages with duplicate content and broken links at scale with Siteliner.

Word Count

Page Word Count Bookmarklet

Quickly find out the number of words or characters used on a page or a specific section of a page. To use, highlight the text you're analysing > open the bookmarklet.

Highlight Headings

Highlight Heading Tags Bookmarklet

Highlights, and labels, all headings used on a page.

Alt Text Check

SEO Alt Text Check Bookmarklet

Convert images into the given alt text. For example, the image above was a picture of a cast iron pan and the given alt text is "crane cast iron frying pan".

View Naked URLs

View Naked URLs Bookmarklet

Strip all hyperlinked anchor text to the naked URL. Click the title above to try it, you will be able to see the full Javascript code for each bookmarklet.

Canonical URL Check

Canonical URL Check Bookmarklet

Find the canonical URL of any page with one click.

Access Robots.txt

Access Robots.txt SEO File Bookmarklet

Access any website's robots.txt file in one click.

Access Sitemap

Access SEO Sitemap Bookmarklet

Access any website's sitemap in one click.

View Cached Page

View Cached Page Bookmarklet

Opens the most recent Google cached version of a page.

Structured Data Test

Structured Data Testing Tool Bookmarklet

Use Google's Structured Data Testing Tool for any URL in one click.

PageSpeed Insights Test

PageSpeed Insights Test Bookmarklet

Test page speed for any URL in one click with Google's PageSpeed Insights.

GTMetrix Test

GTMetrix Test Bookmarklet

Test page speed for any URL in one click with GTMetrix.

Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile Friendly Test Tool Bookmarklet

Test any page's mobile-friendliness in once click with Google's Mobile-Friendly Test.

SEO analysis bookmarklets

Ahrefs Domain or Ahrefs URL

Load Ahrefs SEO Data Bookmarklets

Automatically load Ahrefs data for the domain or current URL you're on (both are available above) in one click.

SEMrush Domain or SEMrush URL

SEMrush Data Bookmarklet

Automatically load SEMrush data for the domain or current URL you're on (both are available above) in one click.

SimilarWeb Data

SimilarWeb Data Bookmarklet

Automatically load SimilarWeb data (FREE) for the domain you're on in one click.

Wayback Machine Check

Wayback Machine Check

Shows previous versions of URLs on Wayback Machine (internet archive).

SERP Scraper

SERP Scraper Bookmarklet

Extracts all URLs in the SERPs (search engine results page). To use, enter a keyword into Google > open the bookmarklet.

TIP: Increase your 'results per page' for more URLs. Go to settings in Google > search settings > change 'results per page' to 100.

Miscellaneous bookmarklets

WhoIs Search

WhoIs Search Bookmarklet

Automatically load WhoIs information for the domain you're on in one click.

Current Tab New Tab

Open Current Tab in a new Tab in One Click with Bookmarklet

Opens a new tab of the current page you're on in one click (surprisingly handy).

Create HTML Link

Create HTML Link Bookmarklet

Create an HTML link of the current page you're on in one click – edit the anchor text as you please.

Remove URL Parameters

Remove URL Parameters Bookmarklet - UTM

Remove URL Parameters Bookmarklet - Normal

Removes parameters on the URL you're on, ensuring that you're seeing the real, canonical version.

Here's that link again: Click here to access all the SEO bookmarklets.

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