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48 hours, 41 meetings, and endless opportunity

screenshot of booked meeting record from a single Linkedin post
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Want to learn how to create highly-profitable content?

1. Give away value that consultants or course creators would charge thousands for. You'll build a reputation for over-performing and over-delivering.

2. Your experiences are your unfair advantage. Writing isn't about typing new words. Writing is about thinking and expressing new ideas. Most LinkedIn posts are recycled advice or straight-up plagiarism. Leverage your experience to offer unique insights. Your experience is impossible to replicate.

3. You must prove that your perspective is worth the audience's time. Screenshots of your results and testimonials are more trustworthy than summarizing those results in words.

4. Keep the scope narrow. Take a person from 0 to 1. Instead of going too high-level, teach a specific skill to a particular person with a defined outcome. What could you teach that would help someone level up tomorrow?

5. Use the comment section to add value. Most people engage their community with canned responses. Instead, give in-depth answers to questions that let you elaborate and add context.

6. Your goal is to make others more successful, not make yourself sound smart. Demystify concepts and write simply. Make your content effortless to consume.

7. Create an irresistible offer that builds on your content's value. For me, this was a personalized growth strategy that helped brands build a high-converting content machine.

8. Create a landing page and automate the sign-up process. Here is our stack:

  • Landing Page: Webflow
  • Booking: Calendly
  • Email flow: Calendly
  • Lead Qualification: Typeform

9. Your post's success relies on the first sentence. Use a hook that creates a curiosity gap that draws the reader forward.